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Useful websites

Brokers (USA):

www.interactivebrokers.comInteractive brokers makes signing up for an account easy. All you have to do is complete the online application and then deposit funds into the account number they will provide you with. Other brokers make you print off the formas and have to send them back by snail mail. Interactive Brokers also has one of the cheapest brokerage fees in the United States. Currently at 0.5 cents per share, this reduces Slippage and can make a huge difference over many trades.


www.investors.comI use to save a lot of time in reseaching the right stocks to trade.

End of Day Charting Data – HSQuote: software is easy to use and best of all is free, after initially purchasing the program. The program iteslf currently sells for USD $34.95, but is well worth it compared to paying about twice that per month from other sources as an ongoing data cost. This software accesses the free data available through yahoo and converts it into the right format for use with Metastock. If you wish to purchase HSQuote please click on the image below:

Buy Stock Quote Downloader: HSQuote V1.89

Stock Charting Software: is the company that produces and sells Metastock. is a good website that has free webcharts. They are usually 20 minutes delayed but is a good resource when away from your normal computer.

Authors’ Websites:

William O’Neil –
Van Tharp –
Alexander Elder –
Alan Farley –
Victor Niederhoffer –
Steve Nison –


Dan Zanger – www.chartpattern.comDan Zanger is the world record holder for the greatest percentage increase over 18 months of stock trading. Quite a remarkable achievement and well worth visiting his website and reading the articles about how he did it. Inspiring! is another great online resource that seems to have a lot about everything to do with investing.

Earnings Calendar (US) –
It is important to know when a stock announces its quarterly earnings. If the figure is higher than analysts’ expectations the stock price can rocket. Conversely, if the earnings are less than expectations the stock can plummet.

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